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Our Philosophy
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Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on our aggressiveness, creativity, efficiency, and attention to detail.


Aggressive advocacy should not be confused with rudeness or disrespect to the opposition, which is never in the best interests of a client.  We believe in remaining respectful and pleasant with the opposition, while at the same time insisting upon what is best for our clients, even if it upsets the "status quo."  We focus on the big picture and relentlessly pursue the objectives of our clients, no matter how difficult the task.


It is very important to do the simple and routine things well, but real world situations rarely fit neatly into a box.  By seeing the forest through the trees, we are able to go beyond the "usual" arguments or strategies and expand our search to all plausible arguments or strategies that may prove successful.  We remain mindful of the fundamental purpose of the law so we can understand why a given law or rule was enacted and find parallels in other areas of the law.


Efficiency comes in many forms.  Two areas of efficiency upon which we focus are process efficiency and cost-benefit-analysis efficiency.

Process efficiency is essentially where we avoid re-inventing the wheel.  Certain issues arise again and again in legal practice, and we are extremely adept at recognizing those issues and applying a formalized and effective approach to them.  We excel at recognizing when to apply a rigid process and when to apply a more dynamic, creative approach.

Cost-benefit analysis is the process of comparing the benefits of a given action to the costs of the action.  A common complaint of clients about their lawyers is that the lawyer will spend $10,000 of client money to save $1,000.  Unless there are other indirect factors that increase your benefit, we won’t waste your money on a pyrrhic victory.  We will always consider the costs and the benefits and fully discuss all options with you before we take any high-cost action on your behalf.

Attention to Detail

In law, the devil is truly in the details.  Often times what separates victory from defeat is the needle-in-the-haystack case which binds the court to rule in your favor or the seemingly insignificant evidentiary lead which reveals the smoking gun.  We painstakingly sift through all the details to make sure we are not missing anything.  It usually makes the difference in the outcome of the case. Further, when applied proactively, it reduces the likelihood of litigation or other problems in the first instance.